Saturday, October 13, 2012

Robby Naish, Jaws October 10, 2012 SUP

Surfline captured this video of the "True WaterMan" Robby Naish dropping in on his SUP

 To me it looks like the surfer is already up and riding while Robby Naish snakes his way in on a SUP of all things!!!!

Wow!!!!! You would think someone that  has rode this spot so many times would know proper wave riding etiquette....

Typical Naish Sportsmanship....

Not to sure what Robbie is thinking at this point..... But I will say the whole parking lot was booing him as he got his 2 second ride in after dropping on the poor surfer.

Disclaimer The information above is for entrainment purpose only, it's what I experienced with corporate greed and bad judgement by upper management. This is my personal opinions and experience.

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