Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shark Attack on Maui October 18, 2012 Kanaha Beach Park

Shark takes a bit out of a SUP board in the "BoneYard" just offshore of Kanaha.

 October 18, 2012 was there to catch all the action.  The lifeguards and Police closed down 2 miles of the beach. Bummer to those of us not scared of mother nature.

No one was hut but they continued to keep the beach closed for the entire day.

Maui Communications Director Rod Antone say the shark "was 8-9 feet"

Not to sure why they would close down the beach, I mean it's salt water there is going to be sharks out there... To top it off the guy says he beat the shark away which his paddle. 

Click on link below to see full details:

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