Friday, August 31, 2012

More to the Naish in Alaska Story...

George the guy from the post below contacted me today and explained that his last post was out of anger and his emotions got the best of him.

I on the other hand feel he was speaking from the heart.....

George seems like a very nice guy and I feel for him. Although I don't feel his needs to apologize for his actions. He's absolutely in the right here, like he mentioned in his first post there are pros out there that help others and some that don't.

The only lesson to be learned here is when you're out on the water and you see Robby Naish and his crew filming, you might as well be out by yourself!!!!! Because when shit goes down they'll just cruise by, laugh and continue filming. Only showing the world what they want them to see.

Thanks to guys like George maybe next time they might go out of their way and help somebody out?

Remember being a Badass sometimes makes you look like a Dumbass!!!!

George from Alaska, take care buddy and good looking out.

Disclaimer The information above is for entrainment purpose only, it's what I experienced with corporate greed and bad judgement by upper management. This is my personal opinions and experience.

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