Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shark attacks Turtle at Kite Beach October 22, 2012

This is the third shark sighting we've seen out here on Maui in less than a week. October 22, 2012

Over 40 witnesses watched a shark attack a sea turtle right out front of the lifeguard tower in Kanaha. The report doesn't go into detail but a few of us were out on the water when lifeguards were blowing horns and chasing around kiters telling then to get off the water. 

The scariest part of the whole thing was the wind was light on the inside where the shark was spotted toying with the sea turtle, so when everyone got 50 yards from the shore their kites were falling out of the sky. 

Click here for the full report

The turtle is still alive and was transported to Department of Land and Natural Resources, where I'm sure they will fix him up and send back into the ocean to be another shark's dinner.....

The Department of Land and Natural Resources is not a joke, they are the ones that shut the beach down and have as much authority as the police if not more.

This is insane that they keep closing down the beaches due to mother nature.

Three times in one week is a little much. It's nice to know that they are looking out for us but closing beaches is not cool. 

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