Sunday, April 8, 2012

No More Hate in the 808

Happy Easter

If you know Maui, you know this picture is unusual do to the strong winds that blow just about all day everyday. With that said so was our last few posts. One of our administers (JB) had to make a point and stand up for what he believed was right. We're no professional photographers here at ikitehi we just bring it to you raw and how it is. With that said we're back on track to more photos and video from the amateurs that started ikitehi.

It was a Happy Easter Sunday with lots of people out enjoying the beach.

Wes Killing it unhooked

Action getting some

Mr. Green looking for the green room...

This might of been the last good swell of the season, looked super fun out there.

Action Davis doing what he does!!!! Lol!!!

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