Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2013 NAISH Trash has already showed up on Maui....

Warning PLEASE read before viewing
2013 Naish Kites Torch

Before you view these photos There are a few things I'd like to let you know about my experience with Naish International . Most of the guys out here are way cool and I have nothing bad to say about them, but I did meet one of the most unprofessional general managers I've ever met in my life; Andy Church!!! Whom, you can thank for the pleasure of viewing these photos, remember a shitty attitude gets you nowhere!!!!

It all started with a solid weekend of strong winds, so I headed to Waiehu for a session and on the way home I saw some newer looking Naish kites in the harbor. I started shooting and was approached by some girl asking me to not use my photos on any website or any of the footage I shot from that day. I kinda laughed as she walked away thinking to myself, "wait you guys are doing a private photo shoot at a public beach".... Lol!!! Smart!!! All I know is I was going to do what I always do. Which is simple, I spread the kite life on Maui to the rest of the world to help promote the kite scene. For some company that thinks they own the island to approach me and ask me for a "favor" was kind of funny.

With that said I contacted Naish to see if they were interested in any of my photos. I talked to a couple of guys there and landed a meeting with Andy Church, Naish's General Manager. I was stoked, I took off work early and headed over to Haiku to meet up at the Naish Center with my external hard drive full of videos and photos. For half an hour they discussed how I was not to post these anywhere and they were not interested in any of them. From there Andy had the nerve to belittle me, insult me and claim I was trying to extort/blackmail money from him. After being talked to like that I was over it. I went to leave as Andy grabbed the hard drive and said "your leaving but not with your hard drive" I laughed at him and asked if he thought that was how general managers act? He then again claimed that I was "trying to extort money from them" and "I was not leaving with what I walked into the office with".

What a Fuc*ing Goof that guy is. I had my iPhone recording the whole time, man I love that Voice Memos app!!!!! And of course I didn't go in there with the only copies I had of the photos. What does he think I'm as dumb as him? Video coming soon!!

Now you can enjoy

With all the strong winds, the debris from the Japanese tsunami is making it's way onto the shores of Maui.
More NAISH TRASH polluting our beaches!!!!

Might as well light this Torch on fire

Same ghetto ass bar...

Only clowns ride bow-ties....

More NAISH Trash!!!!

This thing looks the same as last year, very little change. Don't waste your money

Disclaimer The information above is for entrainment purpose only, it's what I experienced with corporate greed and bad judgement by upper management. This is my personal opinions and experience.


  1. Nice rant. Seems like you're running a really classy business over there, bashing competing brands like that. Seems to me like you were actually doing some blackmailing. Why would they want to purchase the pics from you?

  2. Pretty sure any brand would ask you not to post next years images, whilst its your photos and a public beach its just a bit of common sense and courtesy.

    If you really want money for them, wait until the new gear drops and send some images into some mags.

    Naish would of already had a photographer so it seems reasonable they wouldn't want your shots.

    Tracy Kraft is one of the best photogs in Hawaii and also they have a brief, story board etc set up before shoots, so randomly turning up and snapping a few random average shots and expecting a payday makes you sound like a complete rookie.

    To many kooks with SLR;s these days.

  3. Jarvis, first off I don't run a business I'm a Kitesurfer and I just happened to be at the beach when they were there, second they contacted me. Blackmail is out of the question I never asked them for nothing!!!!!

  4. As for you Toby, I hope your not the guy running Kiteforum....

    Living on Maui you see all kinds of prototype kites and different things that the rest of the world might not see for another 6 months and some might not ever see. I have all kinds of Photos of Cabrinha, North, Wainmans and what ever else shows up on the beach months before they come out. When someone asks me nicely to to not use the photos I simply say ok. But Naish on the other hand went about it the wrong way, like I said before they contacted me, I don't sell my photos and never have. I never asked them for a dime. I have the whole 45min recording of the meeting on my iPhone to prove I'm not about "extorting or blackmailing" as some of you Naish lovers call it!!!

    Toby all I can tell you is I'm just a guy on the beach like the other 99%, yes I happened to have a camera and in no way or forum was I expecting a "Pay out" as you would call it.

    You have one thing right in your post, Yes I agree with you Tracy Kraft is one of the best in the business if not the best. But your wrong about too many SLR's, If you've ever been to Hawaii I'd say about 50% of tourist now swing an SLR around their neck. I guess you and Naish can go around ask them to not use photos they take while out enjoying the beach...

    The only "Rookie" I've been around on this island is the GM that Stole personal property from me and then filed a false police report...

    Call it what you want, everyone entitled to their own opinion, I will say if Andy Church Would have let me walk out with what I walked into this office I would gave them the courtesy of not publishing the photos. But when a company like Naish has their GM try to strong arm you in their own office, that's not right I don't care who you are!!!!

  5. It is not a crime to take photos on public beaches...having a mullet is a crime.

    The way Naish is handling this is UNPROFESSSIONAL.

  6. i think that naish has to hire you because you make a very good advertisement for them.
    Here in europe when somebody who is outside of the industry and try to slader something cause a bad personal experience creates the curiosity of the others to try that thing,
    many thanks from naish riders in europe!
    post more trash photos, please...


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