Saturday, March 10, 2012

Funny Bunny day on Maui


The weather finally cleared up and along came the clearing winds, 25-45mph. With all kinds of crazies out trying to get their fix it makes for a dangerous day at the beach. For those that had a 5m on hand, scored what some would say were killer conditions.

You better know what your doing on days like today, Madness going down on Kite Beach

Lots of wind, very little people

The biggest kite that made it out and back in today safely was an 8m

Jose still smiling

Helmet and "gloves" required on days like today

The bunny pulls through

Gypsy showed up

Lots of wind and waves

Plenty of room....

Almost seemed like more kites on the beach than the water

Jochi bustin some air

Lots of Bunnies out today

Kazuma making a name for him self in the kite scene

This is how she looks after 40+mph winds

Some come and some go but all and all Maui is still one of the best kite destinations in the world

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