Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer pics from our friends on Maui

Maui, land of the Wind

Lots of Meth around here, don't be fooled by the sign.

Awesome spot

Kanaha Beach

John Paul Bonetti and his girlfriend DeeDee just moved out here to Maui

Gatewood and DeeDee

The kitenaked Kihei kite house

The Kitenaked Crew

Our local boy Todd Action Davis

Todd Action Davis gives lessons on Maui

He's certified and has great rates on lessons.

Todd also makes his own kiteboards

Someone told me they are passing out Cabrinha kites at kite beach

Dude rips

This guy was throwing down

Pete Cabrinha doing some R&D

If your on Maui and have any pictures you want to share send them to

Thanks for all your help form our local riders and sponsors here in Maui is working on getting more info and maybe a hawaii forum going soon.

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